The Scene Is Set

by Coming Out Swinging

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MikeSee It's a good pace. Favorite track: Summer Story.
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released August 10, 2013

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered - Storm the Wall Productions crew



all rights reserved


Coming Out Swinging Calgary, Alberta

Pop punk from Calgary, AB Canada. Get in touch with us at

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Track Name: Part One
Time has erased you and I'm in a fucking good mood. A brand new me is singing now. And I've dreamed about the day that we could finally all say your bitter reign has come to and end.

You're obsessed with always being the victim. Be the victim, play the victim.

Fuck those things you said to me about my friends and family. Now my boys are singing. We all have nights we won't forget. Our broken hearts and pissed off friends can't stop us from singing.

The days they come and go, and yeah, I'm still alone. I roll like fire through the breeze. We roll. A life full of mistakes, promises of better days. Your voice is treble, static now.
Track Name: Six Feet Under
I love you but I can't do this. Maybe another heart could see differently. I see you took my pictures off the wall. This house just doesn't feel the same at all. I'm sorry that we went through this. Your intentions were pure but not for me. I see through all the bullshit and the lies. Let's skip the small talk in disguise.

And it's just never gonna happen, I won't come back to you. This whole thing's been just a waste of my time. No it won't fly. We didn't even try.

And the next time that I come over, I promise I won't have good news. You've just changed too much in my eyes. You're not worth going six feet under tonight.

And it's funny now it's over, I think of all the good times, yeah. Then I think of all the shit that we did, it makes me sick. I never wanna fall back into it.

Swallow your pride or forever it's goodbye. You're not worth going six feet under tonight. I sleep at night while you lose your mind. You're not worth going six feet under tonight.
Track Name: The Scene Is Set
I'm leaving. Believe me that when the night gets through there won't be nothing left to do but run away from here and stick it to all our fears. And I'm hearing that she's at it again, drifting closer to the stars and out of my arms. Let's make this summer feel nostalgic like we used to do and I won't start giving up now. I can't start giving up now.

Falling out of love has never been so fast, I've never felt so glad. And I won't forget you.

I won't be okay. The scene is set, let's do this. I like this town better when there's no one around. Your lips were sweet, now they're bitter. And your motto the more the merrier.

I take a stumble down memory lane and the feelings feel so right that they flood back. Now we're taking this back to your house. You get me every time just like you say you can.
Track Name: Oh Fiery Redhead
This is about the time that I apologize, for everything I do seems wrong to you. You're gonna have to think this through and not know what to do. Just wanna let you know that it's been bad, these past few days we've had. So can you end this nightmare? I choke on disappointment, but I won't fall. We're all settled in for the long haul.

Oh fiery redhead don't you go taking this a little far. Oh fiery redhead don't you know there's room right here on the road? So let's cut the crap and put on a show. 'Cause you know you're being difficult.

Hey yeah, my pretty little love come on over. We've got a lot of making up to do tonight. So raise a glass to us, the last soul survivors. They'll never bring us down, not even when it's bad.

Over time we've been learning how to breathe the right way so no need to tread lightly. The air we breathe means everything. The words we speak mean everything.